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Early Closure on July 18th.  Download a letter here.            Are you ready for the Humanities' Selfie Competition.            Our new Senior Ambassadors.            

A Specialist Science with Mathematics School 

Excellence Through Teamwork

"We value the individuality of our young people and recognise their unique needs and aspirations. Learners of all abilities and talents thrive at our school, gaining the necessary skills, knowledge and attitudes to make a real and genuine contribution to society"

We Aim ….

to foster a caring, safe and inclusive environment built on mutual respect and clear expectations, where success is promoted and celebrated.

to support students to become highly motivated lifelong learners and develop in all students an ambition to contribute to society and reach their goals.

to offer broad, personalised opportunities that provide rewarding and challenging experiences.

Partnership working will be at the heart of our community; we will promote excellence through effective engagement with our students, parents, local communities and partners.

“Excellence through Teamwork”

What do we value?





…..leading to Excellence



CarletonCHS All safely home #ardeche2014
CarletonCHS Nearly back in the UK after a great residential with great kids and staff #ardeche2014 http://t.co/xJvjM56YMi
CarletonCHS Another awesome day in the Ardeche #ardeche2014 http://t.co/I4KIqm4oej
CarletonCHS A great day on the mighty mighty Ardeche river #ardeche2014 http://t.co/whlloo03R1
CarletonCHS That's it everybody! Have a lovely, safe and engaging Summer break
CarletonCHS The staff band are in full swing on stage! http://t.co/pBTKQ8yblz
CarletonCHS The end of year celebrations have started with a year 10 dance dedicated to Miss Robinson! http://t.co/2almoJvHbP
CarletonCHS Congratulations Oakley Dickinson and Miss Egan for winning the numeracy challenge this week!
CarletonCHS A beautiful morning in the Ardeche:) #ardeche2014 http://t.co/mRv2FHU5zm
CarletonCHS Arrived at Segries safely and now playing the PGL version of The Cube:) #ardeche2014 http://t.co/dyNpGwLAcz
CarletonCHS We have a very flexible demonstrator at this station... #jobsday http://t.co/gNkCdDJIpj
CarletonCHS The Circus has come to town! #jobsday http://t.co/dSNdubFp0F


student voice thumb


Student Voice.  How can you make a difference?





Year 10 work experience.  





whitley bay 14

Whitley Bay Fieldtrip.....



ent 7 14 09 thumb

Year 9 - Enterprise project in PSHCE




artex 14 21b

Art Exhibition 2014